Tips for Using This Program

Getting Oriented

The program is comprised of twelve modules. You can think of them as chapters and pages of a book. The intention is for you to read them in order because the modules build on one another. However, other than Module One, which must be completed first, you can read the modules in any order, focusing on the subject matter that is most useful to you at the time.  At the end of each module there is a review quiz that you can use to confirm for yourself that you have understood the key points.  The quiz is followed by a key points summary page for quick reference.

Table of Contents

There may be times when you don't want to simply advance to the next page. Maybe you want to skip ahead to a relevant topic. Maybe you want to review a page you read earlier. Maybe you want to know how many pages there are in the module you're reading. That's why we've included a full navigation on each course page. At the left of each page  you will see a blue column that lists all the modules. Just click on a module and a narrow column will appear. This is the table of contents for the module. Toggle the arrow at the top to show/hide the full title of each page.

Tracking Your Progress

On the table of contents, a square becomes brightly colored when you have visited that page. You can watch your progress as you work through each module.

  • To complete a module you must read all of its pages and complete the review quiz. 
  • As you complete each module, you'll have access to that module's summary pdf.
  • When you complete the full course, you'll have access to the complete set of summaries and a certificate of completion.

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