Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse, Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence, National Judicial Education Program
Man's fist about to hit a woman
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Adapting this Web Course/Resource for Your State or Jurisdiction

This web course/resource can be customized to include relevant law and practice from specific states and jurisdictions. Minnesota is the first state to take advantage of this option. If you want to access this content to see what the Minnesota Law and Practice segments look like, no matter what state you are from, enter Minnesota as your “Course State” and that content will appear beneath the national section of the web pages. If you are already a registered user go to “Update my information” located on the Navigation Bar on the left and change your “Course State” to Minnesota.

If you are interested in developing a similar adaptation for your own state or jurisdiction contact the National Judicial Education Program

Caveat: The research and cases cited throughout this course contain graphic descriptions of sexual and physical violence and may be extremely disturbing.

The images used on this website depict models and not actual victims or perpetrators of violence.

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