Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases
National Judicial Education Program
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Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse Course Information


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This course was researched and written by the National Judicial Education Program to Promote Equality for Women and Men in the Courts, a project of Legal Momentum in cooperation with the National Association of Women Judges. Web-based instructional course design, web design and programming, and the New Mexico state-specific materials were provided by the Rozier E. Sanchez Judicial Education Center of New Mexico Institute of Public Law at the University of New Mexico Law School.

An effort of this magnitude comes to fruition only with the help of many people. We are grateful to the web designers, consulting project attorneys, evaluators, support staff and interns who have worked to put this curriculum together. Their names are listed below:

For the National Judicial Education Program

Lynn Hecht Schafran, Esq.
Director, National Judicial Education Program

Mary Rothwell Davis, Esq.
Consulting Project Attorney

Stefanie Lopez-Boy
Program Associate

Jillian Weinberger
Program Associate

Allison Wilner
Program Associate

Maureen Conner, Ph.D.
Independent Evaluator

Heather Parker
Legal Intern 2007

Lisa Cloutier
Legal Intern 2006

Marci Levelle
Intern 2008

Joanna Tsoumpas
Intern 2008

Emily Coffin
Intern 2007

Katherine Smith
Intern 2006

Advisory Committee

Judge Ronald Adrine
Cleveland Municipal Court
Cleveland, Ohio

Justine Olderman
Criminal Defense Attorney
The Bronx Defenders
Bronx, New York

Judge Mel Flanagan
Milwaukee County Circuit Court
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Judge Eugene Hyman
Santa Clara County Superior Court
San Jose, California

Judge Michael Keasler
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
Austin, Texas

For the University of New Mexico Institute of Public Law

Paul Biderman

Leslie Kryder
Instructional Systems Design and Technology Specialist

Steve Circeo
Assisting Web Designer

Erin Larivee
Technical Specialist

Lynn Provencio
Technology Specialist

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Tara Matzick, UNM student, and Robert Christner, UNM Accessibility Services, for their insight and suggestions toward making this site ADA compliant.

For their ideas and assistance in the early phases of this project we thank David Tevelin and Kathy Schwartz, formerly of the State Justice Institute; and Claudia Bayliff, Esq., Claudia Kelly Dixon, Esq., Nicole Hannen, Jennifer Mauldin, Amy Morton and Nikea Schram for the National Judicial Education Program; and Pamela Castaldi and Pamela Lambert, Esq., for the New Mexico Judicial Education Center.

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