Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases
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Module XII: Orders of Protection, Pre-trial Release Determinations and Dispositions

Table of Contents and Learning Objectives
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Learning Objectives:

This module will enable a judge to better:

  • Utilize strategies such as domestic violence intake forms to encourage intimate partner sexual abuse victims to fully disclose at the order of protection stage so that judges can better assess risk.
  • Structure orders of protection to include all elements necessary to keep the parties apart.
  • Structure pretrial release determinations that reflect the heightened risk posed by intimate partner sexual abuse.
  • Obtain pre-sentence investigations and post-conviction offender assessments that fully inform the judge about any intimate partner sexual abuse that may not have emerged at trial.
  • Set sentences commensurate with the gravity of intimate partner sexual abuse and the trauma to the victim.
  • Assess whether and how comprehensively batterer intervention/ sex offender treatment programs in the jurisdiction address intimate partner sexual abuse.
  • Encourage development of appropriate resources for disposition of intimate partner sexual abuse cases.

Table of Contents

Module XII → Table of Contents and Learning Objectives
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