Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases
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Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse Course Information

Civil Case Study Summaries

Hanover v. Hanover:

This is a family court case in which petitioner seeks an Order of Protection following violent sexual assault by her husband.

Phelan v. Tate:

In this case Ms. Phelan is seeking a permanent order of protection against her ex-boyfriend Mr. Tate. The parties have never been married and a previous temporary order of protection was issued, but Ms. Phelan is seeking a permanent order after Mr. Tate coerced her to have sex in exchange for child support.

Magnus v. Magnus:

In this case, Ms. Magnus, a stay-at-home mother, is filing for divorce, seeking monetary relief from her husband and a larger portion of the marital assets for years of cruel and inhumane treatment. Ms. Magnus seeks full custody of their three children. The allegations against Mr. Magnus include 43 instances of sexual abuse.

Galvan v. Galvan:

Ms. Galvan is an immigrant woman appearing pro se before the court seeking an order of protection. She neither speaks nor understands English and is fearful that either she or her husband will be deported if she presses charges against him for sexual abuse.

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