Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases
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Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse Course Help

Course Navigation

When you have selected the module you want to access, you will see that the screen is divided into three columns. The left column helps you move through the current module and different sections of the course and tells you which page you are currently on. The middle column contains the page content. The right column contains the full citation to every reference mentioned in the module text.

  • Left Column:

    The left column has two sections. The "You are Here" section at the top allows you to return to the homepage; return to the "About this Course" page; or go to the "Module Progress" page, which tells you what pages in a particular module you have visited and which page within the module you are currently on, e.g., "Page x of y."

    The second half of the left column contains the "breadcrumbs" for the module. Each page in the module has a link in the "Breadcrumbs" to let you navigate easily between pages.

  • Middle Column:

    The course content appears in the middle column of each module webpage. The size of the font can be adjusted by clicking on one of the red letter "A’s" at the top of each Module page.

    The module text covers a range of legal and social science topics respecting intimate partner sexual abuse. There are, therefore, numerous references to outside sources within the text. The citation form for the references in the text and in the right column are explained on the next page [LINK: to next page at Citations in the Text].

  • Right Column: The right-hand column contains two sections.

    The Resources section contains citations and links to resources. Where the middle column refers to an outside source, the complete citation will be found in this Resources area. Additional resources that are on-topic but not directly referenced in the text are also listed here.


Developing Issues

A developing issues section is listed at the end of the modules list on the Course Progress page. This section will contain topics related to intimate partner sexual abuse that are evolving quickly, such as Crawford-related cases. We will also use this section to make updates to any module text with new research or case law. Finally, when judges send us comments to update Module XII: Recommendations, we will post suggestions here.

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