Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases
National Judicial Education Program
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Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse Course Help

Background Resources Help

As noted earlier, this is not a generalized course on sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking. The Background Resources provide extensive material that covers these topics. This section is accessible throughout the course via the Background Resources link at the top of your screen. You do not have to be logged in to view the Background Resources.

The Background Resources pages will open in the same window. When you are done browsing those pages, simply hit the "Back" button on your browser to get back to the course content page.

If you open links or PDFs from the Background Resources pages, they will appear in either a new window in IE or a new tab if you are using Firefox. You may leave this new window/tab open for reference as you continue navigating through the course. To get back to the course content pages, you must go to the window/tab where the Background Resources page is open and click on the "Back" button in your browser.

If you are finished using the resource, simply close the window/tab in which the resource opened to get back to the Background Resources page, then hit the "Back" button on your browser to return to the course pages.

The Background Resources and the citations listed in the "Resources" column in the modules are fully searchable. To learn how best to make use of this searchability, go to the next page.

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