Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
Adjudicating This Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases
National Judicial Education Program
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Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse Course Information

Course Components

The course comprises several elements:

  • Modules providing the substantive text, self-tests and reflection questions.
  • Developing Issues – a section that covers highly fluid areas such as Crawford-related cases.
  • Civil and Criminal case studies with questions and commentary.

This is not a generalized course about sexual abuse, domestic violence or stalking. The course focuses specifically on sexual abuse as a hidden aspect of domestic violence with critical implications for risk assessment. This course assumes a basic understanding of the issues involved in adjudicating sexual abuse, domestic violence and stalking cases. There are voluminous resources available on these issues. Should you wish to consult them as an adjunct to this course, visit Background Resources, which is available to you throughout the course by clicking a tab on the menu bar. These pages provide selected PDFs, web courses, DVDs, videos and an annotated bibliography.

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